Xtralis Perimeter Protection Solutions


Xtralis provides powerful, early warning fire detection and integrated security solutions that identify threats before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised. The most respected business and top governments around the world rely on Xtralis to protect their personnel, assets and irreplaceable cultural and historic landmarks.
Xtralis portfolio of integrated security solutions delivers unparalleled situational awareness from your facility’s edge to its very core so you can anticipate threats proactively to protect people and property.
With ADPRO by Xtralis security solutions, you can transform your security program from reactive monitoring to proactive detection. Xtralis offers the industry’s broadest range of powerful indoor and outdoor security solutions.

Outdoor Passive Infrared Detectors

The PRO Series of PIRs are stand-alone passive infrared detectors that detect human targets by sensing temperature differences between them and the background.
Key Benefits:
• High mounting height of 4 metres
• Unique anti-tamper functionality
• Ideal for conditional triggering of event-driven CCTV
• In-built AC and DC supply capability
• High-performance (H) and directional (D) models available



Model Numbers:

  • Long-Range Curtains = PRO-100, 100H and 250H
  • Medium-Range Curtains = PRO-45, 45H, 45D and 45DH
  • Volumetric Coverage = PRO-18, 18W, 18WH, 18H, 30, 40, 50, 85 and 85H

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DPRO PRO Intelligent

The ADPRO PRO Intelligent PIR series is engineered to provide unparalleled reliability and accuracy.Utilizing Passive Infrared (PIR) technology, combined with high-precision mirror optics and an advanced digital signal processing (DSP), PIR detectors achieve unsurpassed performance in most of all environmental conditions.

Detector Models:

  • Long-Range Curtains: PRO-100I and PRO-100-HI
  • Medium-Range Curtains: PRO-45I and PRO-45HI
  • Wide-Angle Volumetric: PRO-18WI and PRO-18WHI

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ADPRO PRO Intrinsically

ADPRO PRO Intrinsically Safe Passive Infrared (PIR) Detectors are the first intrinsically safe PIR detectors in the world. The available models have been tested at Baseefa's labs and obtained the (IECEx BAS 11.0127X, Basefa 11ATEX0261) certificate. 

Model Numbers: 
  • PRO-18WIS
  • PRO-100HIS
  • PRO-45IS

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The ADPRO PRO E-series of passive infrared detectors was engineered to provide extraordinary reliability and accuracy.  This new generation of PIRs evolved from the Xtralis defense-grade perimeter protection technology and our proven series of ADPRO PRO PIRs.

Model numbers:
  • Volumetric Medium-Range: PRO E-18, PRO E-18H, PRO E-30, PRO E-40
  • Volumetric Wide-Angle: PRO E-18W, PRO E-18WH
  • Medium-Range Curtains: PRO E-45, PRO E-45H 
  • Medium-Range Directional Curtains: PRO E-45D, PRO E-45DH
  • Long Range Curtains: PRO E-100, PRO E-100H
  • Super Long Range Curtain: PRO E-400H
  • Wireless Detectors: PRO E-18WRF, PRO E-45RF, PRO E-100RF

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Video Motion Detector

ADPRO Presidium is an intelligent video system designed to deliver maximum detection performance and minimum false-alarm probability in the most demanding outdoor perimeter and area-protection applications.

ADPRO Presidium 

The ADPRO Presidium chassis has slots for up to ten video input modules. Each module has two channels of VMD. VM15 video intrusion detection module.Two VMD channels per module. One VM15 module per chassis is required for basic operation.

Key Benefits:
• Reliable detection of intruders
• Excellent false-alarm immunity
• Clear video confi rmation of

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ADPRO Presidium Mini
The dual-channel ADPRO Presidium Mini is part of our latest generation of video motion detectors designed specifically for outdoor perimeter and area protection applications.

Key Benefits:
• Cost effective detection for smaller systems
• Excellent false-alarm immunity
• Flexibility in detection criteria to suit many applications

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The ADPRO M3000 IP software suite gives birth to a new dimension of interoperability and links security applications, events and even thirdparty devices.

Key Benefits:
• Full integration between all ADPRO security solutions
• Standard, open data base for import and export
• Common log book for all events

Example applications:

  • Military and defense installations
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Airports
  • Borders and ports
  • Government agencies