Balter Video Management Systems | HD-SDI cameras | Indoor and outdoor surveillance



Balter is a German company which specializes in high-end analog, HD-SDI and IP camera technologies and Video Management Systems. The company takes pride in its visionary approach to security issues and solutions for the most demanding clients. In its 12 years of existence Balter quickly grew to more than 100 products and 60 employees working in R&D, Product Engineering, Quality Management and Sales thus fully engaged in the whole manufacturing process while staying close to its clients. The «Made in Germany» product line does justice to German engineering with a negligible failure rate of only 0,45%.


Balter video sytems are widely used indoor and outdoor servicing large areas like city centers, stadiums, car parks and shopping malls. The footage is instantly transferred via internet or IP network by means of remote access allowing the user to monitor the objects in real-time and quickly react to any changes. High detail capturing enables to user to better analyze the situation and make proper decisions. This is possible doe to high resolution cameras developed by Balter in combination with smart connection solutions. Some cameras are equipped with All-Vision-IR-Technology to capture details that might normally escape human eye which enables quality night vision recording. Vandal Resistant IP Dome Cameras offer protection of Class-IK10 and IP66 and are therefore highly durable in harsh weather conditions and resist manipulation.

Being the only HD-SDI surveillance camera manufacturer in Europe Balter offers superior quality being equal to or higher than Full HD meeting and exceeding broadcasting standards. Transmission is uncompressed meaning minimal to no loss of quality as opposed to regular IP. HD-SDI doesn’t require any network configuration making installment and maintenance much easier even compared to analog cameras. In addition, it is also less expensive than equal MP IP technology.

Product range

Balter Analog, HD-SDI and IP cameras come in a variety of types, with many standard and optional features. The cameras are available as indoor and outdoor dome and box models, optionally having Power LEDs for better illumination, optionally being Vandal Resistant, optionally having All-Vision-IR-Technology for clearer image and with high resolution varying between 3.1MP and 12MP. Many models are equipped with motor-zoom lenses, multi-streaming and bandwidth control, SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot and alarm input.

Balter VMS software is a sophisticated program for system control that allows you to quickly browse through various cameras and footages, easily monitor multiple cameras, seamlessly integrate Analog, HD-SDI and IP into one system, digitally zoom in with high image quality and adapt the frame rate and image resolution (live and archived) individually to the network bandwidth of each remote client.

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