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FLIR Systems Inc (NASDAQ: FLIR) is the world leading expert in the field of imaging systems, which include infrared cameras and broadcast systems. With over 50 years of experience with designing, manufacturing and marketing Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras FLIR has gained a strong reputation and a wide range of clients. FLIR offers its services to local and national governments, industries and businesses in more than 60 countries around the globe. Revolutionary, cutting edge products like thermographs and night vision equipment developed by FLIR are nowadays used in many critical situations by the police and other law enforcement, military and security. FLIR devices are also often used by scientist in research facilities for accurate monitoring, non-destructive testing, temperature measurement and thermal testing.

Due to company’s worldwide presence, long and rich history and a lot of effort put into R&D and market research, FLIR is able to offer its clients high-tech products suitable for specific situations as well as great service, technical support and thermography applications trainings.

Product range

Being a partner of FLIR, Ryan Solutions provides you with many of a wide range of stationary infrared cameras for surveillance systems as well as thermal imaging cameras for law enforcement.

Thermal imaging cameras for security systems

Thermal (IR) cameras are a very useful addition to your camera surveillance system. They instantly allow you to detect intruders in conditions of little to no light which would normally make them invisible to the naked eye. The gives you the advantages of complete surveillance around the clock without extra illuminators. Due to the nature of infrared light and thermal technology our cameras work well even in case of smoke, dust and even light fog.

Depending on the model the cameras can have such characteristics as:

  • HD image for more details
  • Auto-focus for sharp image
  • Cooled detector for long-range detection and sharper image
  • Precise Pan/Tilt mechanism to follow moving objects
  • Radar connection
  • Continuous optical and digital zoom

Able to operate under harsh circumstances, for example between -32°C and +55°C All product are easy to install and to use. Download our catalog to see all our models and read more about available options.

Thermal imaging cameras for law enforcement

These portable cameras are a great instrument for law enforcement and security personnel allowing to produce clear images in total darkness. During the day the camera is able to detect people hiding behind objects, not affected by the glare of the sun. Suitable for almost all weather conditions a FLIR thermal imaging camera is able to see through light fog and smoke, making it a device you can really count on.

The cameras allows the user to receive accurate information in real-time that making it possible to make decisions in split second, which can often mean difference between a safe execution and deadly failure. For this reason, police departments, private security firms and bodyguards rely on FLIR handheld thermal imaging cameras worldwide.

Please visit FLIR website for more information.