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Partizan has been a successful brand in the security market since 2008. Developed in Europe and assembled in Asia, Partizan’s product range includes IP, HD, analogue video and access control systems. With powerful all-in-one CMS software and cloud-based setup Partizan offers well-integrated, reliable and user-friendly quality European safety equipment at a reasonable price. Partizan’s surveillance system are typically used for mid-range projects, such as larger hotels, malls and department stores. Partizan has branch offices and warehouses all over the world, including Kyiv, Moscow, Prague and London. The company has an excellent reputation with plenty of success stories (e.g. Euro 2012 Poland-Ukraine).


Our main channel for supply of Partizan products to any country is a strong local partner inside. Partizan maintains two levels of partnership:

  1. Local Partner 
  2. Exclusive Partner


  • Unique brand with great benefits for your customers
  • Increase of sales volume with our brand
  • A well-balanced product line at a fair price
  • Customized flexible solutions
  • Free POS-materials and marketing support
  • No shipping charge for a trial order
  • Free RMA sets for all of our partners
  • A full technical support, prompt service, project protection and consulting
  • Project warranty up to 5 years
  • A chance to become an exclusive partner in your region!

Product range

  • Analogue cameras and digital video recorders (DVR)
  • IP cameras and network video recorders (NVR)
  • Readers and controllers for access control systems
  • Partizan™ analogue equipment

Today Partizan is the number one brand for quality and affordable video surveillance systems. Thanks to serial production and selection of unique component base we are able to reduce the product cost at every production stage without losing its quality and durability.

Analogue camera model range

  • Box cameras
  • Miniature cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Speed-dome cameras

Key specifications

  • Maximum resolution – 1000 TVL
  • Focal length – 2,8-50 mm
  • IR illumination – up to 80m
  • Operating-temperature range  - from -35 °C to +55 °C
  • 24 month guaranty
  • Partizan NoIP service and cloud technology support
  • Partizan™ DVR

Partizan™ represents the line of high-quality multi-channel digital video recorders (DVR). DVRs are available in a 4-, 8-, 9-, 16- and 32-channel variations and provide high-quality record and large storage. Due to smart cost saving system and high sales volume Partizan  is able to offer the customers lower prices than any competitor with similar functionality. Thanks to the broad model range Partizan™ DVRs are capable of solving a wide range of tasks and successfully fit into any project. 

Advantages of analog equipment

  • High resolution up to 1000 TVL
  • DVRs support modern standards 960 H (WD1) for recording of high-resolution cameras
  • Intelligent detectors: perimeter security, abandoned objects, crossing lines
  • NoIP service for access the device’s web-interface without using static IP addresses or DDNS service
  • Support of modern mobile platforms and operating systems
  • Operating temperature range  -35 °С to +55 °С
  • Stylish and modern design

Partizan IP cameras

Partizan equipment for IP video surveillance is developed in accordance with the most advanced technologies in the field of electronics, security and software. The system is robust, reliable, easy to set up and to use. 

Partizan IP cameras offer solutions in different areas, whether it is an overview of the territory or control of cash transactions. It also has special offers for home users - budgetary models that require minimal skills for installation and configuration. 

Advantages of IP solutions

  • The cameras are equipped with sensors up to 5 MP from the best manufacturers: Sony (Japan), OmniVision (USA) and Aptina (USA)
  • Processors HiSilicon encodes video without delay and with maximum quality
  • Reliable IR illumination with high quality diodes
  • Standard platform for any Partizan equipment
  • Partizan is an official ONVIF member with stable protocol for easy integration
  • All equipment has RTSP support for stream grabbing from any device
  • Open SDK platform for integration into any other software
  • Natural picture in any light conditions
  • SlowShutter function in combination with DNR function allows for clear picture at night
  • Wide operating temperature

Intelligent functions of DVR and NVR

  • Perimeter detection and line crossing
  • Flow counter 
  • Abnormal video signal diagnosis 
  • Lost items detection

Advantages of DVR and NVR

  • NoIP service for access to the device Web-interface without using static IP addresses or DDNS service
  • Versatility is the key to success! Partizan DVRs support Hikvision, Dahua and other popular manufacturers IP cameras
  • Support of FTP storage and e-mail notification
  • Multi streaming for fast monitoring from different devices at the same time

Partizan Access Control 

With Partizan AC you can control all entrances and exits, manage any equipment, even from your mobile device! Partizan AC has flexible settings and configuration of staff scheduling, intelligent door management, multilevel algorithms of reactions, and a powerful built-in memory controller with ability to service up to 120.000 users and store 200.000 events. Optional software modules allow you to manipulate objects of any size at your fingertips.

Other features

  • Wide range of controllers enables creation of stand-alone or networked systems of any complexity
  • Flexible settings and multi-verification mode depending on the time zones is ideal for the secure facilities
  • Web-interface for proper controller management  anywhere in the world, with mobile platforms and operating systems support
  • Readers can work in any system and support Wiegand26
  • Software modules: time attendance, anti-passback, photo-identification, remote workstations
  • Import/export data module
  • Interfaces: RS-485 & Ethernet;Controllers can manage up to four 2-way doors and eight readers at the same time
  • Elevator controller solutions (up to 32 floors each)
  • Fire alarm control
  • Controllers are made only from proven components
  • 2-year warranty

For more information please visit Partizan website.