R&S video surveillance | Custom built cameras | Cameras with CCD modules and CMOS



R&S offers a wide range of professional video surveillance solutions, like analog cameras & DVRs. The brand is the result of a European collaboration project meant to create simple and affordable, yet highly reliable and effective products for security purposes. Nowadays the company has a variety of cameras for different needs, to use outdoor and indoor, during a bright day or in the dark and to cover surfaces of various sizes. The products are praised by our clients for their diverse functionality and durability under ever changing external conditions. The brand focuses on quick adaptation to the customers’ needs, which results in up-to-date customized products and technologies. R&S is especially suitable for small and mid-range businesses and organizations, such as education and healthcare facilities, (department) stores, shopping malls and areas, museums, hotels and many others.


R&S products are very reasonably priced, which makes them even more a must have for everyone looking for an affordable quality product. Over the last couple of years R&S has quickly gained popularity in many areas and markets due to its quality and versatility and is now widely used, mainly in Eastern European countries. RyanSolutions is the exclusive distributor of R&S, so please contact us directly for more information.


  • Cameras are custom built in the factory according to our vision of the market needs;
  • Maximum quality control and reliability of the equipment;
  • Using the latest technological innovations;
  • Broad range from budget to professional;
  • Possibility to order cameras with CCD modules and CMOS;
  • Many models are equipped with IR LED for better imaging;
  • Popular SONY Effio-E processor;
  • Digital noise reduction;
  • Possibility to remotely configure cameras via coaxial cable;
  • Versatility and reliability of fastening;
  • Availability of spare parts for quick repairs;
  • Competitive price offer;
  • Different payment options;
  • Warranty: 14 months.

Product range

We offer a variety of cameras, DVRs and complementary products like transceivers and transceiver hubs. In other words complete systems to get you started or to expand an already existing set-up. To get acquainted with the product range, please download here our catalogs.